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On Occassion, Not Always, but Often... :)

Posted by Heather Arney |

April 17, 2010
Sometimes I...

Sometimes I like to rock side pony tails.
Sometimes I think I’d wear leggings every day if work was okay with.
Sometimes I feel so deeply I wonder if my heart might break.
Sometimes I sit for hours with girlfriends over coffee talking about everything and nothing, all at once.

Sometimes I understand the deeper and more profound truths of God, and sometimes I don’t.
Sometimes I think about how much fun it would be to go stomp puddles after a storm.
Sometimes I remember how much I don’t like being cold, and therefore should imagine puddle jumping from inside.
Sometimes I drink Chai and scribble “profound” lines on coffeeshop napkins, wondering if others do the same.

Sometime I get the biggest kick out of yard sales, and block sales, especially when I find that treasure, that I love but don’t need.
Sometimes I break out into dance, and think how healing and freeing it is to boogy down without a single care of what anyone else thinks.
Sometimes I wish I could feed every hungry mouth around me, and save every child that is trapped in a chaotic family that seems to be without hope.
Sometimes I see hope in the world, hope because of Christ.

Sometimes I listen to songs on repeat for an hour, because they are so profoundly impactful – each time it plays is the first time.
Sometimes I feel like a stranger on this earth, because my home truly is elsewhere
Sometimes I wish my hands were better at creating art – at least better than a 4th gr. Level.
Sometimes I sing, and then pretend that I’m going to be the next folk hit.

Sometimes I am content with where I am at in life.
Sometimes I trust God and know that He is great and mighty to save, and holds me in His hands.
Sometimes I see a little bird and am reminded how much more He’ll take care of me, if He’s got the back of that sparrow.
Sometimes I see a sunrise so compelling, that I am alive in new ways, and ready to live with crazy zeal, creativity, and delight…and sometimes I do just that.