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Musicality Gone Wild: "Glam/Psychedelic/Zouk??"

Posted by Heather Arney |

ZOUK? Does anyone know what type or genre of music that is?

No googling, or peaking....(and if you know, that may either be really cool, or a bit odd). The says that Zouk is ,"A popular dance music of the French West Indies, combining African drumming styles with influences from American and Caribbean popular music." Mix that in (somehow) with some psychedelic glam, and that is supposedly the musical definition of a UK based band, FENECH-SOLER. (True confession...I stumbled upon them on Myspace...but I promise that myspace is not a mainstay in my life, FB for life.) ;)

I had a jumbled bunch of thoughts and feelings about their music when I first heard it. I wasn't sure if I had just signed up to be a part of a B-rate '80's Euro-pop music video....maybe I would be the featured dancer, and put my few good moves to use. I wanted to like it because it was different but ultimately it took me a little while of listening to it, before I could actually embrace it. Go to their site and sample the will, at least, be an experience. OH, and while listening...ask yourself if it really feels "Zouk" to you...I wasn't picking up so much on the French West Indies/African drumming vibe...but then again, that may just be me.

Anyway, it's a delightful new play option for your drive time, study break, dance party, or ..... (you fill in the creative blank). I dunno, maybe you could iron to it...?

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I am not sure why it surprises me that there is a National Hobo Convention. Why would there not be? There are conventions for just about everything under the sun.

My mom was out visiting her mom in Iowa over these past two weeks, out in the farmy, beautiful barn, simple life, countryside. I talked to her this morning as she was passing through Britt, Iowa. And she told me that they have a Hobo Museum there (you have got to peruse their website!), and a National Convention that happens every August. From their site:

"What is the Hobo Convention?
The National Hobo Convention is the largest gathering of hobos, rail-riders, and tramps, who gather to celebrate the American traveling worker."

"What is a hobo??" you may ask? Well, it's too much for me to type out here...but go to

"The National Hobo Museum in Britt, Iowa contains the most extensive hobo artifacts collection and is the only National Hobo Museum in the world."
Hey, consider yourself greatly informed....I have now saved you a little legwork for when you plan your next trip through the great state of Iowa. Hah!

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Change...I am certain that a few thousand folks have cleverly written about change in all too profound ways over the course of the years...I won't claim to be profound, I'll just write my two cents. I know people can hope to protect the very place they are at, and truly fight against things being a different way...but as some quote tells us, the only thing constant in life is change.

Me, being the traveling/moving maniac, knows this fact. Cannot even count how many times my "I think I can.." minivan has traversed the country from east to west coast, California to British Columbia, etc. And I find myself in a new season once again. New job which ultimately is a blessing, even if right now I'm still figuring it out....a wonderful roommate - (WHO goes to target, and FOR FUN tries on little kids clothes?! The largest kids' sizes fit us, and geez last night was a blast!), etc. And realizing within myself that Fresno is now in fact, "home."

I think sometimes my life is like a puzzle. (By the way, it may be a bad analogy, as I detest puzzles)...I had a bunch of really similar looking pieces, and was trying to put them together, but was getting really frustrated, as it LOOKED like the pieces fit together, when in reality, they were slightly off, and just didn't match. And maybe I would have been crazy to keep seeing if the pieces would fit, when it was determined that they did not. That may be confusing...but it reminds me not to try so hard to make things be "a certain way," and to live more naturally, with a surrendered approach....the word "allow" comes to mind.

As I continue to go from one season to the next though, I am continually aware of how much God is in control of it all, and how He knows and sees and is intricately involved in the details of my life. It allows me to freak out less, and love life and others moment to moment, more.

There are a MILLION definitions of "change" on, but the one I delight in, in this moment is:
"To put a fresh covering on." Yes, they may be referring to changing the sheets on one's bed, but forgetting that....I want to put a fresh cover be moldable, to flow with the change, to enjoy each day, to live intentionally and purposefully....from season to season.