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I Wanna Be a New Heights Reacher!

Posted by Heather Arney |

July 25, 2009

They Might Stay

Let's play a guess what I'm describing, k?

- Studies words on a page for 2 hours a day...looks like some form of memorization
- Claims to play the vocal chords, and can be seen practicing their use, at 1 in the morning.
- Sings in buildings where coffee is served, and sometimes in funky joints....they serve alcohol there. :)
- Records on borrowed equipment - friend's roommates' mac computers - with much vibrancy, focused energy, songs for ears to hear...not just any ears, but ears of followers.
- Prints flyers spouting off such things as "Folk Delight Since 2009."

Well, I didn't tell you the rules....or how you were supposed to answer, so I guess I'm not very good at setting up games for people to play. I promise not to go work for a game invention company....but I can promise to tell you that the above RANDOM FACTS are connected to one of my new musical projects, called They Might Stay. I keep alluding to musical ventures in past messages, but haven't said anything concrete about it lately, because I have literally been buried in a Tower house with no A/C, practicing and practicing with my friend and musical counterpart Derrick, learning lyrics, fine-tuning, scheming and dreaming where we'll play, etc. We were maniachal and worked very hard in a short time, recording a 3 song e.p. to sell at our first actual show last night at Echo Cafe, the old Java Wava, across from Fresno High. (Our other musical venturings have been at open mic nights at a few different places, as well as an impromptu show at a Tower restaurant, and house parties.)

We like to joke about our really can go very many verbally creative places with it.
For instance, They May or May not Stay. They Might Come and Go, He left, she cried. Ahhh, I know those all sound terribly negative, but truly they aren't. Derrick and I have been having a blast, minus the getting no sleep at all as of is just the simple hard facts, or almost facts that he is probably heading back up to the Bay Area in the fall for a job. Who knows the fate of The Stayers or The Non-Stayers... :) If he jets up to the Bay Area, we may play a weekend of shows every other month, or so, switching from Fresno to the Bay Area.

Allz I know is that right now, I'm learning a lot, I am honored that a friend would allow me to sing what they have written and created, and I love singing for people in various venues. The adventure at least continues through the end of August, as we try to play a few more places.

If it seems that all I do is talk about music on this bloggish thing I call "Delight," it is because hobby or passion wise I tend to go through phases, and sometimes long ones - where I am pursuing something that is in my heart, and tend to spend every spare moment working towards that/doing that/pursuing that...whatever the "that" is. I am so very thankful to those folks that came out to our show at Echo last night, as well as to friends and family who eagerly cheer me on, and believe in our small musical offerings.....(that hopefully will become increasingly GREAT!)

Sporadically updated is this blog I know....I flew away to East Coast a few weeks ago for a family wedding, which was wonderful, and will fly up to the Vancouver area for another family wedding, leaving this week. Apparently getting married is a popular thing to do. And apparently flying half way around North America and back a few times for weddings is the thing that I do. :) It will be a good trip up to Van., but super short! And I'm sure I'll be bringing lyrics and fresh paper and pen along with me for my trip in the skyways...

I will close with the fact that I saw Counting Crows and Augustana in concert last weekend, with a friend of mine. They were BEYOND AMAZING. It was like a traveling musical hippie folk show....sometimes with both bands up on stage singing and playing together, with tons of instruments at the same time - everything from a banjo to a harmonica, to a piano. I have NEVER enjoyed a concert more in my life. I think I was moved by their onstage creative, presence and talent, as well as generally encouraged that I too can do anything I put my mind and heart to, (with God's guidance and help), and that it really is the human's own self that prevents itself from achieving, and aspiring and reaching new heights. I don't wanna box myself in, and play small...

I wanna be a New Heights Reacher....

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July 4, 2009
Rarely, am I on my "high-horse" about something....and perhaps I should be even more informed before mounting this said horse... But on this 4th of July, where we are supposedly celebrating independence and freedom in America, I am reading an article about Fresno Police repeatedly beating a homeless man. The outrage and sadness that I immediately feel inside, obviously is not one held by some people in governement, or by the people who are "supposed to be" the peace keepers, the advocates and law enforcers in our city. Apparently police officer is not equated with justice-minded advocate.
I must be just finding out about the beating, because I've been crazy busy, or I'm living under a rock - I'm not sure which it is. It happened in February and this man is just having a hearing now. Read:
Glen Beaty, the homeless man seen in a video being beaten by a Fresno Police officer, had a hearing in court yesterday (Thursday, July 2). Beaty, who has been in jail for almost 5 months, has not been charged with a crime in that incident. The court ordered him to be sent to the Atascadero State Mental Hospital. For more details, go to: For background about this situation, see:
Make sure you go to the second link, especially, as that gives you background on the case. Hmm, the homeless man, although mentally un-well, refused to take medication unless he knew what it was. I am pretty sure anyone would say the same thing. Let's keep a homeless man locked up in jail for 5 months...simply because he's homeless and living on the streets? How about we keep those two police officers who beat the crap out of Mr. Beaty, in jail for 5 months? I'd feel a lot safer about that! Unjust, hurtful, and unfair to Mr. Beaty, and dishonoring to God. I thought that every person had worth, even if considered "the least of these." Mr. Beaty is loved by God so much so...and it must break his heart to see people in positions of power, abuse that power, and hurt those weak and downtrodden.
Anyone have any thoughts? As I watch fireworks tonight, I'm honestly sure I'll be thinking of this man in jail, and feeling disillusioned and jaded with our system of justice in our country. I know I know...Heather this happens ALL the time! This is just one of a million instances and stories of injustice in our nation. I understand that...but somehow each story deserves a place to be shared for what it is.
Thank you Mike Rhodes for opening our eyes, and for continually bringing forth news for us to read that we may not get the full scoop on otherwise...
Mike Rhodes
EditorCommunity Alliance newspaper
P.O. Box 5077Fresno Ca 93755
(559) 978-4502 (cell) (559) 226-3962 (fax)

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Now for something different (oh wait, no this is not's the usual!) - a running monologue and commentary from Heather's brain. Enjoy your evening read! :

It is refreshing, (I think that's the word of the night), to like the messiness in people's lives (or at least to graciously allow for it), in their hearts, their emotions, and to embrace them/where they are at....not expecting them to be any certain way, or change any certain thing. Doing so overly reminds you of how raw you are, and how deep your mental craziness is, what you hope people overlook, and why you need grace.

We are beautiful, broken, struggling, searching, adventurous, tenacious, questioning, never give up souls on this earth.....and when we know the extent of this in our own selves, and know who it is that loves us and holds us together ....then we can much more so offer grace and understanding and love to others, exactly where they are at...

It is actually quite beautiful and liberating to purposefully see Jesus in everyone you come across. It's not like I possess some magical ability to do this, because I don't. I am a human, and have thought and feelings, and they aren't always nice ones either....But the Holy Spirit can enable you to see people how He sees them....and when you can tap into that....or when I've been able to tap into that....there is something soo rich there. It's rich because that's how Christ sees me. Not for what I can do, and accomplish and how I'm going to save the world (oop, can't do that anyway), or how I'm going to revolutionize the whole wide world. Do you ever get to that place where you are running in 10 directions, doing many good things, completely unable to stay on top of it all, feeling discouraging, getting overwhelmed, and then seriously ready to throw in the towel and stay in bed for like 4 and a half days? I think I love those days. After the pinnacle of the emotion and the discouragement, comes some ridiculous wave of peace...of stillness. Like I don' t have to move or do anything or say anything. Like none of my worth or who I am is going to be measured by all the things my maniacal self can do. I sit, still...quiet....and then I hope. I hope in something far bigger or greater than me....something, someone, God, that I promise you more often that not, I don't understand. And then even in the not understanding, God shows me that He is bigger than my finite mind. Sometimes it takes me to this point of craziness, to get me still, so He can whisper something...I must make God's lungs sore sometimes....and He is finally refusing to shout.

Heather, do life with me. You're doing good things, but what you do is not equated with who you are in me. Know that first. Know me first. Find me first. Be found in me first. And I sit there like I've been banging my flipping head against the wall, and I put the brick down, and I finally say, "Yes, Lord, I am getting it now..." And let that not be a negative image or a depressing visual. Gosh, to me it's one of hope. Hope that at any point, in any situation, that God is God and I am not....that I can aspire and dream, and pursue things, and put my heart out there, and love and do whatever the heck I am trying to do/wanting to do....and He will and can bless and use this and that and me...but that through Him, by me seeking Him first, putting Him first, realizing the whole reason I have life, first, that then things can begin to blossom and spring up in better ways than I could ever prettier colors, in nicer shapes. It's not always easy, and neat....cause it's not. Life can be messy and challenging, and sometimes there are not always the pretty colors and shapes, and the like....but then I keep remembering the times God did surprise me and showed me in His time something greater, and neater than my understanding would allow for.

I think a good word in sum is "perspective" or "focus." Lord I don't fully know what it means to "give you my heart," or "seek you first." I screw things up but I want to want you at least. I choose to rest in you....and from there I can go forth......

And after all that heavy stuff...whatever I just said above......After saying that God is teaching me perspective, and what needs to come first in my life...lighter stuff!

I've had the biggest blast ever, playing music with a friend lately. He's in town just for the summer, but I've been learning his music, and we've been cranking it out. We've been playing "name that folk group," and are narrowing down what we want to be known as. :) Making music, singing, owning that folksy/hippie/earthy vibe.....making each song some creative art's good stuff. I feel as if I've just gone on a min-tour of the Tower in Fresno. Well...not really cause we only played at a few places, but it was a lot in just a few days, back to back. A little gig here, 2 open mic nights at places, a house party, and then this Sunday a low-key fundraiser event. And THEN we'll be doing a show soon, at the end of July..just us - a full acoustic gig at a coffeeshop. A little event, not necessarily taking Tower by storm...ha! But it will be delightful. God is granting me one of the desires of my heart, and that is to sing and make music and collaborate. Love it!

Oh yea, and I get to fly back East to Maryland (and Viriginia) for a cousin's wedding, and get to see my mom - haven't seen her in almost a year. It will be a short whirlwind few days, but I know it's going to be a wonderful time..I cannot wait until the clock strikes 5:16 at work next Wednesday. Airport bound. Peace out Fresno. (Hah! For a few days that is...) If I don't fall asleep within 34 seconds of "the emergency exits are here, here, and here," I hope for a few hours of thinking, being still, dreaming, and then finally resting the brain. :) Time away from reality/current life, always helps with perspective. God help us all with that word. As we run around like ants with great causes, help us to see who created the ground we march us to let you into our lives more and more....