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I Wanna Be a New Heights Reacher!

Posted by Heather Arney |

July 25, 2009

They Might Stay

Let's play a guess what I'm describing, k?

- Studies words on a page for 2 hours a day...looks like some form of memorization
- Claims to play the vocal chords, and can be seen practicing their use, at 1 in the morning.
- Sings in buildings where coffee is served, and sometimes in funky joints....they serve alcohol there. :)
- Records on borrowed equipment - friend's roommates' mac computers - with much vibrancy, focused energy, songs for ears to hear...not just any ears, but ears of followers.
- Prints flyers spouting off such things as "Folk Delight Since 2009."

Well, I didn't tell you the rules....or how you were supposed to answer, so I guess I'm not very good at setting up games for people to play. I promise not to go work for a game invention company....but I can promise to tell you that the above RANDOM FACTS are connected to one of my new musical projects, called They Might Stay. I keep alluding to musical ventures in past messages, but haven't said anything concrete about it lately, because I have literally been buried in a Tower house with no A/C, practicing and practicing with my friend and musical counterpart Derrick, learning lyrics, fine-tuning, scheming and dreaming where we'll play, etc. We were maniachal and worked very hard in a short time, recording a 3 song e.p. to sell at our first actual show last night at Echo Cafe, the old Java Wava, across from Fresno High. (Our other musical venturings have been at open mic nights at a few different places, as well as an impromptu show at a Tower restaurant, and house parties.)

We like to joke about our really can go very many verbally creative places with it.
For instance, They May or May not Stay. They Might Come and Go, He left, she cried. Ahhh, I know those all sound terribly negative, but truly they aren't. Derrick and I have been having a blast, minus the getting no sleep at all as of is just the simple hard facts, or almost facts that he is probably heading back up to the Bay Area in the fall for a job. Who knows the fate of The Stayers or The Non-Stayers... :) If he jets up to the Bay Area, we may play a weekend of shows every other month, or so, switching from Fresno to the Bay Area.

Allz I know is that right now, I'm learning a lot, I am honored that a friend would allow me to sing what they have written and created, and I love singing for people in various venues. The adventure at least continues through the end of August, as we try to play a few more places.

If it seems that all I do is talk about music on this bloggish thing I call "Delight," it is because hobby or passion wise I tend to go through phases, and sometimes long ones - where I am pursuing something that is in my heart, and tend to spend every spare moment working towards that/doing that/pursuing that...whatever the "that" is. I am so very thankful to those folks that came out to our show at Echo last night, as well as to friends and family who eagerly cheer me on, and believe in our small musical offerings.....(that hopefully will become increasingly GREAT!)

Sporadically updated is this blog I know....I flew away to East Coast a few weeks ago for a family wedding, which was wonderful, and will fly up to the Vancouver area for another family wedding, leaving this week. Apparently getting married is a popular thing to do. And apparently flying half way around North America and back a few times for weddings is the thing that I do. :) It will be a good trip up to Van., but super short! And I'm sure I'll be bringing lyrics and fresh paper and pen along with me for my trip in the skyways...

I will close with the fact that I saw Counting Crows and Augustana in concert last weekend, with a friend of mine. They were BEYOND AMAZING. It was like a traveling musical hippie folk show....sometimes with both bands up on stage singing and playing together, with tons of instruments at the same time - everything from a banjo to a harmonica, to a piano. I have NEVER enjoyed a concert more in my life. I think I was moved by their onstage creative, presence and talent, as well as generally encouraged that I too can do anything I put my mind and heart to, (with God's guidance and help), and that it really is the human's own self that prevents itself from achieving, and aspiring and reaching new heights. I don't wanna box myself in, and play small...

I wanna be a New Heights Reacher....


Pilgrim said...

So...can I have a CD? I'd even pay for it.

Heather Arney said...

Yes you may!! :) I like the chance that we may be able to see each other this weekend...if that's the case - I will come with one in hand, and if it doesn't work out, will mail it to you. It's a tiny thing, just an e.p. of 3 songs, but still fun. I'm also starting this new project with a friend, and we're looking to record...if that works out, it could be neat-o!

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